SECARB Membership

Thank you for your interest in joining the SSEB Carbon Management Program/SECARB Partnership. Four membership categories are available to accommodate various interests. Please review the following category descriptions and contact the Southern States Energy Board to discuss which option is commensurate with your organization’s desired level of involvement. We look forward to your participation in the Partnership and other SSEB Carbon Management Programs!

1. SECARB Cost-Sharing Partners

Funding Requirement: Technical Task Leadership and Cost-Sharing

Contributions in the form of cost-sharing are accepted to support the SECARB Phase II and/or Phase III programs, which allows a representative of your organization to participate in team discussions regarding the direction of the program.

2. SECARB Industry Associates

Funding Requirement: Annual $10,000 Contribution

SECARB’s Industry Associates provide an annual monetary contribution of $10,000 to support the SECARB Program. Allocation of these contributions is at the discretion of the Southern States Energy Board in support of SECARB tasks and activities. Industry Associates are provided with personalized briefings of activities and unique opportunities to interact with the field teams through field visits and meetings. In addition, SECARB team members are available to provide on-site briefings for Industry Associates and offer unparalleled expertise to your carbon management program.

3. SECARB Special Project Participants

Funding Requirement: Monetary Contribution (Unspecified Amount)

SECARB’s Special Project Participants may provide funding to the Partnership to support a specific project/activity as agreed upon with the SECARB team and Southern States Energy Board. The Southern States Energy Board is authorized to accept funds from any state, federal or interstate agency, institution, person, firm or corporation. An example is the expansion of the Phase I geologic characterization study that was commissioned in North Carolina and South Carolina with support from four local utilities and EPRI.

4. SECARB Public Partners

Funding Requirement: $500 Contributions

Members of the SECARB Public Partners include national laboratories, universities and non-profit organizations. SECARB requires an annual $500 contribution from these sectors to become a member of the Public Partners. Representatives of SSEB member states and the federal government are not required to make additional contributions.

Membership Opportunities

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Please contact us with any questions or to request additional information.
Leigh A. Parson, SSEB Grants and Accounting Specialist
Kimberly Sams Gray, SSEB Assistant Director, Geoscience Programs

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